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Medicaid Challenges For NE Iowa Residents

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Northeast Iowa - As governmental agencies tighten their belts due to decreased funding, many find the “belt” has turned into a “noose,” strangling them so they cannot aid those who need the most help, such as those on Medicaid (children, aged, blind and disabled).

Although many areas of Medicaid have been under scrutiny in the past few years, one thing that particularly affects local Howard County residents is a change in transportation funding.

According to Curt McNew, Transportation Director, EARL Public Transit, Northeast Iowa Community Action Corp., “Iowa Medicaid Enterprise (IME, a division of Iowa Department of Human Services – DHS) has approved, as of Dec. 1, 2017, that Intellectually Disabled members receiving Support for Community Living (ID SCL) services will have their transportation paid for by the service providers instead of the Managed Care Organizations (MCOs).”

That means individuals on Medicaid, like Jon Henry, age 50, who has a traumatic brain injury and lives in Cresco, will possibly have to pay out of their own pocket to ride EARL Public Transit to their jobs in Decorah, depending on the financial responsibility each service provider is willing to accept.

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