More than 23 million rides are provided annually by Iowa's transit systems. Public transit service is provided in every county in Iowa. Iowa transit systems rely on state and federal transit assistance to make rides available and affordable for Iowans. Local support such as tax revenue, fares, and donations provide a large share of agencies' operating budgets.

Bus drivers sharpen their skills at Q-C Roadeo

Tuesday, June 24, 2014
One by one, buses flew through the parking lot, some sideswiping cars, others narrowly missing pedestrians. 

OK, so the "cars" were barrels, and the "pedestrians" were orange cones, and the buses weren't on the loose. They were competing in the 28th annual Iowa Public Transit Association Bus Roadeo in the parking lot of the Davenport Public Works Center.

Competitors hailing from all over Iowa -- from Davenport and Bettendorf to Burlington and Sioux City -- turned out to drive through an obstacle course filled with cones, large barrels and tennis balls, attempting to execute sharp turns, navigate tight spaces, and make quick stops. Drivers were judged on their accuracy, safety and time. 

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