More than 23 million rides are provided annually by Iowa's transit systems. Public transit service is provided in every county in Iowa. Iowa transit systems rely on state and federal transit assistance to make rides available and affordable for Iowans. Local support such as tax revenue, fares, and donations provide a large share of agencies' operating budgets.

A New Way to Get to Work

Monday, March 12, 2018

By Lisa Kremer Communication Manager Buchanan County Economic Development Commission

Buchanan County Economic Development knows that many businesses and industries sometimes struggle with their workforce having reliable transportation to the workplace. Employees may be willing to work, but for whatever reason have no way of getting to the workplace. There are some transportation options available to either the employee or the employer to overcome this obstacle.

Iowa Northland Regional Transit Commission (INRTC) is a nonprofit organization that provides a transportation service to the public including those needing to get to and from work. The service operates within a six county area including Buchanan County. It is available on demand from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. The rider can be picked up at their home and transported to wherever they need to go. If the destination is within four miles of their home there is a flat $5 charge. Anything over 4 miles is an additional $1.25 per mile. The rider needs to contact INRTC each evening to secure a ride for the following day. While this is not necessarily a cheap alternative, it is a way for the employee to ensure they are able to work.

There is also a transportation option for employers. Patrick Ross, Director of Transit of INRTC, explained that INRTC can and has provided buses on a leased basis. Ross stated, “Companies are welcome to come and discuss transportation options with us.”

Employers interested in learning more about this transportation option can contact Patrick Ross at [email protected] or phone 319-235-0311.

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