Iowa Department of Transportation Office of Public Transit

The Iowa Department of Transportation Office of Public Transit's mission is to advocate and deliver services that support and promote a safe and comprehensive transit system in Iowa to enhance Iowa’s access to opportunities and quality of life.

American Public Transportation Association

The American Public Transportation Association is the leading force in advancing public transportation APTA members are public organizations that are engaged in the areas of bus, paratransit, light rail, commuter rail, subways, waterborne passenger services, and high-speed rail. Members also include large and small companies who plan, design, construct, finance, supply, and operate bus and rail services worldwide. Government agencies, metropolitan planning organizations, state departments of transportation, academic institutions, and trade publications are also part of our membership. To strengthen and improve public transportation, APTA serves and leads its diverse membership through advocacy, innovation and information sharing. APTA and its members and staff work to ensure that public transportation is available and accessible for all Americans in communities across the country.


Community Transportation Association of America

Effective public and community transportation contributes mightily to the quality of life of the people living in the cities, towns and communities in which it operates. A society that now includes a growing population of seniors needs new and expanded community transportation alternatives. Communities with staggering air quality problems and ground congestion need improved public and community transportation alternatives. Areas and communities that have been abandoned or which are in decline need public and community transportation options as part of their renewal efforts.

The Bus Coalition

The Bus Coalition is a broad coalition comprised of public, private, and non-profit bus industry leaders from across the United States. Our members range from bus transit systems management, bus transit manufactures, bus transit suppliers, and bus transit support groups who are passionate and dedicated to ensuring all bus transit systems in America are funded at a level which will ensure safe and reliable service to all Americans.  The Bus Coalition is working in concert with APTA and CTAA on the mutual goal of increasing overall transit funding and restoring bus transit funding. Bus capital needs have continued to grow during the two years that MAP-21 has been in existence and the lack of available funding is creating a crisis in the delivery of safe and reliable bus service.