The mission of the Iowa Public Transit Association is to unify, advocate, and advance the interests of Iowa transit systems to influence and gain support from government agencies, legislators, and other entities.

It also is our mission to support the professional development and improvement of members and their systems by providing industry information, training, technical assistance and other opportunities for networking, collaboration, and sharing of ideas and best practices.


The board of directors’ purpose is to:

  • Direct the activities of the Iowa Public Transit Association
  • Provide leadership
  • Establish priorities and make decisions
  • Represent the diverse interests of our members
  • Be the "engine" or driving force of IPTA
  • Communicate IPTA's mission and activities to members and other entities

Vision (2013-2018)

The Iowa Public Transit Association strives to develop and maintain a common vision among its members regarding which decisions, changes and methods of support will best benefit the public transit industry as a whole. We envision IPTA placing more emphasis on working with the Department of Transportation to improve the process of allocating funds and being more involve in DOT decisions that affect public transit